Words by Casey Jarman, photos by Inger Klekacz.

I'm not usually one to play favorites (is that a funny thing for a critic to say?), but this year's Best New Band showcase had to have been my favorite of all-time. Maybe that's because I went into it not having seen Onuinu or Pure Bathing Culture—both of whom were really, really good—in concert. Or maybe it was because this bill, against all odds, felt finely curated instead of thrown together. The awesome abbreviated set from Mini Lost Lander; the absolutely stunning show-ending performance from Radiation City: These are moments I'm going to remember for an awful long time.

Lucky for me, ace photographer Inger Klekacz was there to capture the magic as it happened. She sent a handful of her finest shots our way for posterity. I hope you were there to enjoy the show, but if not, all of these bands will be performing at a club near you before you know it.

I know it's cheesy, but really, thanks for the memories.