Last year, WW reported that more than 10 percent of City Commissioner Amanda Fritz's household income came from her son's online poker winnings.

But in her re-election campaign against a well-financed challenger, State Rep. Mary Nolan (D-Southwest) Portland, Fritz has shown herself to be a high-stakes gambler herself.

Although Fritz announced at the outset of her campaign she would limit contributions to $50, filings this week show that Fritz has now contributed $184,000 to her campaign—an unprecedented 81 percent of the $227,000 she has raised. The $50 limit obviously does not apply to her.

Of that $184,000, $50,000 came in loans. The rest has come in the form of in-kind contributions—Fritz paying for ads or other campaign communication out of her own pocket.

Fritz, a former psychiatric nurse, has told WW earlier she's financing her campaign from savings. Her bet, then, is that she can beat Nolan outright in the primary, which means she needs a majority of the votes. If she doesn't, the top two finishers head to a runoff in November.

A poll OPB and KPTV released yesterday showed Fritz leading Nolan 33 percent to 25 percent. There are three other candidates on the ballot.

For those who still have not voted, ballots must be at an official county elections drop site by 8 pm tonight. As of Monday afternoon, about 22 percent of county voters had turned in their ballots, according to county figures. That is about half of the expected turnout.