When last we checked in with Andy Ricker's expanding Thai food empire, he had unleashed Pok Pok Wing on New York City's Lower East Side, but was a little unsure when he'd open full-menu restaurant Pok Pok Ny in Red Hook.

Well, it opened. And, judging from this photo gallery at Gothamist, Ricker has given New York not only spicy mushrooms and mussel crepes, but the most adorable back patio in the history of the Big Apple. Seriously, we are shamelessly envying those hanging planters in the shape of gift-wrapped presents.

For those Ricker completists among you, there's also a recent interview with him in Paper magazine, where he says a lot of Portland restaurants "would be up shit's creek if they had to survive here."

Because they don't have hanging planters in the shape of gift-wrapped presents, that's why.

Fix this, Portland.