Tuesday night's most elaborate campaign party had some of the most disappointed attendees. Mayoral candidate and businesswoman Eileen Brady strove for positivity as she conceded the race to her less well-funded opponents, former City Commissioner Charlie Hales and State Rep. Jefferson Smith (D-Portland).

"It looks like Charlie and Jefferson are going to the runoff," Brady said to a few dozen supporters aboard the Portland Spirit, only minutes after advisers told The Oregonian she would not be conceding. "I'm looking forward to watching the next part of this campaign." Supporters who'd filed aboard the Spirit earlier in the evening learned that Brady would be watching the first round of results with family at home in Mount Tabor.

After unfavorable results started coming in after the ballot boxes closed at 8 pm, Brady rallied the crowd, announcing her intention to hold out.

She did the same again an hour later, although her share of the vote hadn't increased enough to place her in the runoff. Brady said she'd called Hales to offer congratulations, and understood if some of her supporters had to leave the party.

The crowd steadily thinned, and by the time the 10:30 pm results were counted, only her most dedicated volunteers, supporters, staff and family remembers remained.

Brady didn't concede for another 40 minutes, and after both The O and WW had called the race for Hales and Smith. After her brief concession speech, a huddle of TV reporters pressed her for what she might've done differently.

"I probably would've taken another day off," Brady replied.