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Almost Live: Heat at Blazers

d-widdyNOTE: Tonight's guest blogger is Trevor Solomon, ex-Floridian and director of MusicfestNW. He does not have fantastic grammar. But he loves Dwayne Wade. Things could get interesting. Take the jump for more.

Pregame here at rq. i have to say first off the food downstairs was great, nice pork selection. ok back to the pregame. the heat just came on the field and i must say oh sorry the court but man the heat look good. i know most of you are use to the blazers jumble hear but sorry aint going to happen. i saw the first ever heat win and i am sold on them. they won the championship on my birthday 6/20 so hey i am all about them and one dude imparticular DWADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok i am bored lets start with great heat players past: seikely, pearl washington, RICE, MY MAIN MAN ZO, and lets not forget about timmy hardaway.

so the duck is in middle of the floor but no beaver what is up with that. ok here with go finally the announcements.

national anthem.

ok on to dwade time yeah baby.

so i was in fla. last week south fla. actually and it was nice but man people dont get us nw folk its weird they are looking at you funny and not knowing they are a bit weird themselves but oh well i grew up there but got out for athens, ga. then the pdx.


so we have dwade, q rich, mario chambers, beasley, and jermaine o'neil for the heat. the blazers have their regular lineup with cunningham taking over at forward.

sorry i see the beaver now.

i say beavers win 40-27 sorry hank.

tip were off. theres oneil showing the blazers what they let go so many years ago. here comes the heat 5-0 haha blazers. OH WHAT A MOVE DWADE HE IS A STAR DANG.... whatever the big dude gets one rebound man these people are pathetic.thats right wade 4 points haha. oden first foul. this is looking like another typical night in the rose city. god wade is god, and oden has 2 fouls wow this is looking good for us miami folk. q rich nice basket. our first timeout. GOOD GUYS 11 THE BLAZERS 3.

were back and q rich just him a 3. man joel p a foul for pdx not good in these parts. 14-5 MIA. nice shot roy i will give him that, he is a stud, no wade but hey who is, he is the BEST PLAYER in the league. i am curious when the 25 year anniversary jordans will debut on his spectactular feet. DAN MARINO, DWADE, ZO the best players in miami history, and ricky williams is having a good season as well. this is getting insteresting 17-13 miami. beasley nice shot, man after his drug addiction to marijuana he sure has turned it around, heat are a young team but really colorful for sure fun to watch. wade leads all scorers with 6 points. haslem nice block he is in for beasley. oh ONEIL TWO AND ONE SHOT TO COME. so last year the heat lost by like 30 here so them coming out and showing a strong performance so far has been good. 3 minutes to go here and roy hits a 2 damn that blows. juwan howard nice rebound, i love the fab five, and nice to see howard getting some PT. jones now in former blazer now playing for heat. i think he was a blazer maybe i am wrong unsure. i am tyring here that is all i can say. ok close game 26-22 and blazers have it back. oh shoot 2 point game i am not liking this, also feel i might be the only heat fan in the building. ok game back to 6 points that is much better. this is getting good, roy vs. WADE. GREAT MATCHUP. end of the first quarter and the heat are up 32-28, good game so far.


brandon roy 14 points, and wade 8 points. good to see the pdx dudes are going more to roy, he is the one true star on your team. miller NICE PASS, wow andre miller all u can say is one thing BUM. only bigger bum is oden. joel has 2 and bum number 2 oden has 2 fouls. for the rest of the blog oden's new name is SAM BOWIE. bowie is back in the game. sorry i know but we could have had a star and now they have a maybe its a sad thing. oh BEASLEY THE WEED IS KICKING IN YEAH BABY. arroyo looking good, i think the second team of the heat is good. bum number 1 for the pdx pathetics with a point. wow bowie blocks a shot lets get excited. time out on the floor.

ok not a ton to report and honestly i got a tad distracted but i am back here, 2 point game. heat have a tough next couple of games with denver then kobe and co. heart this team has you can see it and i dont think the blazers dont have it but i think it runs with some and not others. bowie with a basket. yeah yeah so they are a tad excited good for the rip city i guess. beaverettes on the floor. oh dwade baby nice shot. he is a star so question about it. god i hope we sign him next year. howard having a good game for pdx. q rich another easy basket, heat up by 4 46-42. break away and beasley with the finish. bum 1 on the line for pdx. andre miller never really done much sort of silly to make such a fuss but what do i know yet again, i know music that is about it, i am fan of the teams i love the heat, expos (rip), uga dogs, phins, and the habs. joel pzb now has 3 fouls. howard now has 10 points for blazers, he is a good utility guy, oh BEASLEY A BASKET AND ONE. beasley has 16. onei'l wearing some nice nike red shoes, quite festive for this time of the year. heat about to go up by 9, i had a good feeling about this one tonight, but its still a game no jinx. bum 1 good basket. wow howard is lighting it up, he has 12. udonis god bless nice basket. nate mc. might get his butt kicked out soon, not liking the call, but hey the refs are calling a great game. 59-50 heat. hey just so everyone knows i am only doing this as a goof and my love for the heat your regular dudes will back next game but thx michael and casey this is fun. ok 60-50 now, blazers could be going down here if they dont lift there head's up. end of the first half 60-50, ok need ice cream will be back.


about to start the third. beasley 18 points, looking good for sure. i see schenker at the game sporting his beaver hat and mfnw shirt nice one andrew. andrew is with fellow ww's kendra and kyle. nice pass mario to onei'l up 14 this is in the bag. nice basket roy but still its over. stick a fork in it. schenker about to buy some beers but seems to not like the beer weird oh well. nice pass roy. q rich for 3 heat up 14. pdx cuts it to 8. its funny to watch onei'l and bowie go at it, as i am sure onei'l can tell bowie some stuff to look out for as he has taken the path thru the rose city and then went to pacers to canada, and then miami. bowie with a big dunk. ok back to action heat 70 other guys 62. beasley again with a basket, he now has 21 a big game for him. oh that is crap giving the call to bowie. he will miss both. damn made first. made the second. i jinxed myself. sam bowie another big rebound. he misses the first one. makes the sec0nd. only 12 points put up by heat in this quarter, i am a tad worried. q rich nice job getting to basket. whatever sam bowie is gettting every call. q rich with 3 he has 18 points, very nice job by him and mary jane beasley. heat up by 11 now. this is now getting silly heat up by 16. sad day in the pdx rose city.


Q RICH 18, BEASLEY 23, AND DWADE 16. ok were back it really is going to come down to the next few mins. to see if the blazers have any gas left or will drop their 3rd straight. a think a mid season trade is probably coming if the blazers dont do anything here in the next couple of weeks. bowie with 12. beasley is a beast, and really showing why he was a second pick in draft. so as i sit here i am growing a tad disinstrested in the game as it seems like this one is in the bag from the boys from south florida. what i am thinking about is tomorrow nights top chef and will it be the bothers, kevin or blondie who makes to the final. this year has been good and shown us that the good chefs are alot better then your decent or medicore chefs. my money is on brian but i can see blondie maybe swoop in and take it. ok back to action, j howard misses dunk. beasley approaching 30. oneil basket heat still up now by 14 and getting here 100 point taco time. oh 9 point lead, and the gallery cheers like they are up by 10 FOOLS. ok we need a couple of baskets and send these folks home. sorry i know i live in the rip city but i am heat kid and will always be one, good old ron rothstein the first coach now a asst. its beatiful. 100 for the heat with 2:18 left TACO TIME. jermaine oneil just sticking it to his former team YEAH BABY. 8 POINT GAME. WE NEED A SCORE. FOUL ON BOWIE NICE. Bum 1 going to the line. he misses the first one nice one miller. he misses the second WOW HE REALLY IS A BUM. its over baby nice win by heat, even with 48.9 i am declaring it. thx casey and michael this is fun, and thx to the heat who for over 20 years have been giving me great memories and another one tonight.

signing off this is Trevor Solomon a heat fan living in a rip city.
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