Oregon political junkies may remember the name of former State Sen. Eileen Qutub (R-Beaverton). Qutub, rode the 1994 Gingrich revolution into the Oregon House and then moved up to the Senate in 1996. She was an outspoken foe of abortion and in some ways, a representative of bygone days in Washington County before demographic shifts brought more Democrats to power.

In 2000, Qutub lost her seat in an epic battle. Then-Rep. Ryan Deckert (D-Beaverton) challenged her in the what was then the most expensive Oregon Senate race ever.

The candidates spent a total of $994,000 in a contest that featured early, dueling television ads, which was then a new development in legislative campaigns. Deckert, now the president of the Oregon Business Association, defeated Qutub 52 percent to 46 percent and Democrats have held the seat ever since.

(Pavel Goberman, who has since run for numerous offices picked up two percent on the Libertarian ticket).

Yesterday, The Columbian reported that Qutub, 64, who now lives in Hazel Dell, Wash. will seek a Washington Senate seat representing District 49 in Clark County.