Portland police yesterday announced that they'd caught that most elusive brand of criminal, the smartphone thief.

Three recent Apple-related robberies are being blamed on an unnamed 16-year-old from East Portland, and police say they expect to make more arrests.

This should give Portland police bragging rights over their counterparts in Berkely, Calif., where 10 officers on overtime failed to locate the chief's son's stolen iPhone, despite the fact that they had its GPS location constantly updated on a map.

As a deterrent to robbery, the police press release says, iPhone and iPad owners should "always be aware of their surroundings and not focus solely on their electronic device."

And then what are they supposed to do? Like, look at people? Pfft. 

Another alternative is to buy an Android, which nobody wants.

The police on the arrest announcement follows:

16-year-old arrested in connection with iPhone robberiesToday, Thursday, May 24, 2012 the Portland Police Bureau Transit Division arrested a 16-year-old male in connection with three iPhone and iPad robberies that have occurred in recent weeks. Officers of the Transit Division have been actively investigating these crimes, conducting both uniformed and plain clothes missions. Their investigation along with TriMet surveillance video resulted in the identification of this suspect and a search warrant being served at a residence in the 3200 block of Southeast 138th avenue in Portland. Thefts of iPhones and iPads are increasing across the nation and in Portland due to the growing popularity of these devices. Whether on a MAX train, on a city sidewalk or in a park, this is a crime of opportunity that can be avoided by being vigilant. Portland Police, Transit Police and TriMet encourage people to always be aware of their surroundings and not focus solely on their electronic device. Be attentive to the people nearby. Keep devices close to the body when using and stowed away when not in use. The dedicated work of Transit police officers and the TriMet surveillance video were crucial in leading to today's arrest. The suspect will be charged in Juvenile court with Robbery III, Computer Crime, Theft I, Theft II and Theft III. More arrests are expected.