The military ships docked at the Waterfront yesterday afternoon for Fleet Week. And whether you're a bartender trying to make conversation with your midshipman patrons, or a hairy bear looking for a companion to "watch the dragon boat races," it's helpful to know where your sailors have been.

So we've leafed through the recent press clippings on four of the biggest ships in port.

USS Dewey: The San Diego-based guided-missile destroyer spent most of the past year deployed with the John C. Stennis Carrier Strike Group to the western Pacific and Middle East. At least some of that time was spent in the Persian Gulf, aiding in the draw-down of U.S. troops from Iraq. The strike group then moved to  the Arabian Sea as leverage for the war in Afghanistan—where the Dewey's sister destroyer, the USS Kidd, rescued hostages from Somali pirates in January. See this report from a San Diego TV station:

In January, while supporting operations in Afghanistan, John C. Stennis

Carrier Strike Group forces thwarted an attempted pirate attack on a

Bahamian-flagged cargo vessel and freed a group of Iranian mariners from

the suspected pirates, Navy officials said."Our goal was safety

and security, protecting the lives of those fishermen," said Cmdr.

Jennifer L. Ellinger, commanding officer of the USS Kidd. "We were just

happy to save lives and help people."The strike group also

conducted several exercises with partner countries in the western

Pacific and made stops in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.
USS William P. Lawrence:
USS Ingraham:
HMCS Oriole: