FRSH SLCTS, Portland's premiere hip-hop blog, has been on somewhat of a hot streak lately. And it's hard to avoid Cassow—the self-declared "young hot nigga everybody talking about"—who has indeed been on the tip of a lot of tongues in the local hip-hop community as of late.

"Mind Yo Business" is not, perhaps, as powerful a showcase as his last video, Monday Nights in Vegas, but it does showcase the stylish young MC's versatility, proving he can tackle anti-social party anthems as well as he can more soulful, flashy fare. The video features plenty of outdoor drinking and live footage from what I am pretty sure is Peter's Room at the Roseland.

Cassow's full-length, humbly titled Future Classic, is out next Wednesday, and you'll be able to grab it at FRSH SLCTS.