They say that choices, rather than making us happy, paralyze us in indecision. If that's true, then shoppers should find their bliss under the gazebo at the Lloyd Tuesday Farmers Market on NE Holladay

Forget the 150 choices of toothpaste at the grocery store, Lloyd leaves nothing to choice, which actually makes for a pleasantly quick shopping experience. And while the market is sparse, the few choices, even in staples like bread and fruit, are excellent ones. 

For cheeses, Portland Creamery has a monopoly, although indecisive cheese-tasters will still have to choose between flavors. Be sure to try the Carjeta Mexicana, a Mexican version of dulce de leche made with goat's milk. 

For bread, no choices. Although Gabriel's bakery is listed as a vendor, no bread options could I find to sop up the olive oil in my Mediterranean artichoke salad from the Hummus Stop. (Shout-out to the woman at Savory et Sweet food cart who sold me a couple slices of Dave's Killer Bread.) 

For veggies, Lloyd helped narrow down tonight's dinner possibilities to anything featuring asparagus and mushrooms from Nature's Wild Harvest.

For fruit, two choices: Raspberries ($3 per pint) at Greenville Farms or Hood strawberries (a fair price at $2.75 per pint) at Liepold Farms. But really, there's no choice here either—gotta go with the sweetest strawberries known to mankind, especially as the elusive things are only in season for three to four weeks. 

Seriously, if you run across these small, bright red, knobby-topped berries, don't stand there thinking about it, just pick them up. This is not the never-ending cereal aisle in Safeway.

Location: Under the gazebo in the Oregon Square Courtyard on NE Holladay Street between NE 7th Ave and NE 9th Ave.

Time: Tuesdays from 10 am - 2 pm. Thursdays from 10 am - 2 pm, June through September. 

The crowd: Cubicle dwellers on their lunch break. 

Senior sellers: Greenville Farm and Nature's Wild Harvest, the local forager. 

Freshman sellers: Pacific Northwest Kale Chips.  

Trending: Hood strawberries and asparagus. 

Highlight: An extensive seating area ensures that you can buy your lunch and eat it there too. 

Food carts on site: Savory et Sweet

Dog friendly: Yes. 

Parking: Pay to park street parking is fairly easy to find. Lloyd Center parking is also nearby, and the 7th Avenue stop on the Blue and Red MAX lines are just a block over. 

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