Once again we look to the future of Portland's dining and drinking scene, via OLCC applications:

The Fireside

Moscow Bar and Grill (which we reviewed here) is moving to 1716 NW Fairview Dr., Gresham. Russians rejoice, the original location 16015 SE Stark St. is changing its name to the equally Muscovite-friendly Red Square Bar and Grill

Willsonville rice wine distillery Vinn is opening a second location in Portland, at 833 SE Main St.

Cooper's Coffee at 6049 SE Stark will become Stark Street Station. The LLC is in the name of Mallary Wilson and Michael McCrae.

The Dekum Street Cafe at 6800 NE MLK has applied for a limited licence. 

Hidden East Tavern at 6525 SE 52nd Ave. has new owners: Jai Young Hong and Chung Don Kim.