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The Closest That Sarah Palin Got To Portland

Sarah Palin Richland, WA

Under the watchful plumes of Richland's nuclear power plant, Sarah Palin visited Eastern Washington last week and signed copies of her new book, "Going Rogue," at a local Hastings bookstore on Sunday. According to earlier reports, the Tri-Cities is as close to Portland (about 170 miles) as Palin is going to get on her multi-week book tour.

I was in Richland for Thanksgiving but couldn't quite bring myself to stand in line overnight in the near-freezing cold (as the crowds in the first photo above had done) to get a chance to gab with the former Alaskan governor.

But I was sufficiently curious to see how many people lined up Sunday morning before noon, when Palin started signing books for two hours, to drive by and snap a few pictures. The one at the bottom shows a little girl holding a hot pink sign that says "Oregon loves Sarah Palin." The boy on the far left of the picture has a sign that says, "Save our country from socialism."

The pictures from my cellphone don't quite capture the crowd, which was close to 1,000 around 10 am Sunday. They also don't reveal how polite the people were. Note the break in the line at the entrance to McDonald's.

A full report detailing Palin's visit to Tri-Cities is here.
Sarah Palin Richland WA
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