The project: The Portland Sessions

Who's behind it? A stalwart collective of volunteer videographers, sound engineers, and code geeks who have been filming intimate performances by bands from all over the world. To date, they've captured Joe Henry, Elliott Brood, Deleted Scenes, and Josh and Mer (among others) on camera. 

Why do they want your money? The idea is to knock out another six episodes of The Portland Sessions for the rest of the year. They want to film bigger bands and use bigger spaces to record in, which requires more equipment and, hence, more money. 

How much are they asking for? $2,500

What are they offering in return? You can get something simple and cool like early access to watch three of the new Portland Sessions. Or you can grab a CD prize pack of all the acts that have been filmed for this series. Or if you're a big spender, you can get the Portland Experience Package: hotel stay in town, dinner at a local restaurant, access to a closed Portland Session, and guestlist spots to a show. 

Will the project be fully funded? They are over halfway there, with 22 days to go (as of this writing), so I think it's a safe bet. 

Our final assessment: We are avowed fans of series like this, Into The Woods, Experimental Half Hour, or anyone else who is trying to capture the energy and spirit of a live performance on film (or digital file or...whatever). So, yes, we want this to succeed and we want more Portland Sessions.