Day 11 of Scoops' out for Summer, we're uncovering a place that few people know makes its own ice cream.

The Waffle Window
2624 NE Alberta St.,

Price per scoop: $3.25
Most popular flavors: Maple pecan, espresso
The person in front of me: Was invisible. As in, nobody was there. 
Best for: When you’re not in the mood to stand in line behind forty other people at the (cuter than cute) “Ye Olde Fashioned Ice Cream and Candy Shoppe” on Alberta and instead decide to try the (way above average) housemade ice cream hiding inside of a prefab corrugated metal storage unit just down the street.

I'm wagering I would get my ass kicked if I were to show up in front the endless line of people weaving out the door of Salt & Straw, holding a sign reading: "For delicious ice cream, please walk five blocks east to the Waffle Window. No line or waiting. Yes, they have ice cream at the Waffle Window, not just waffles. And it is really good."

So I won't. But I will shout it out here: People, this ice cream is great. The consistency, while smooth and creamy, is on the lighter side—with less lip-coating butterfat than other premium scoops. I dig that. The main thing to know is that the flavors sing. Burnt caramel with black sesame seeds was intense and smoky with notes of halvah. The bee sting, made with local sage blossom honey with meringue toasted almonds, was deep and pure, leaving no doubt that what we were spooning into our 'scream holes was straight-up honey and almonds. 

Approximately a dozen rotating flavors include "Philly style" cinnamon (that means no eggs), orange blossom with chocolate threads, lemon verbena, and coconut sherbet. We liked everything we tasted, even peanut butter and jelly. Sounds gross; it wasn't.

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