Reports of Luck-One's retirement have been greatly exaggerated. I just don't buy that this dude is leaving the music world any time soon. This video, for one of the finest cuts from his latest release, Beautiful Music Part 2, should tell you why. Hanif Collins is what they call "a head." His interest in and passion for music is going to eat away at him no matter how far he travels or what he's doing for a day job.

This Sawyer Purman-directed video finds our hero trolling for obscure records in his sometime-hometown of Seattle before taking in a little nature. It's a nice little love letter to that city to the North, and while another Portland/Seattle time-splitter once used crate-digging as a metaphor for a more spiritual quest (see this Ohmega Watts review from a young WW intern named Casey Jarman), Luck's take relies on the pretty visuals to provide that fittingly zen second layer to his—reflective and personal, as always—words.