We haven't done a video roundup in a little while, but when we saw this first video here...well, we couldn't pass up the chance to share it (and some other choice local clips) with the world at large. What we have here is a video put together by the Oregon Dental Association as a part of a public service campaign to get kids brushing their teeth. I'd still like to know how exactly they landed on the idea of remaking Cali Swag District's "Teach Me How To Dougie" into this pro tooth brushing anthem, and who that kid is at the 0:06 mark with the sunglasses, oversized toothbrush, and mad swag going on. And, yes, dear friends...that is the Schonz in there pimping for oral health. 

When you've recovered from laughter at watching that—or are done brushing your teeth as the Schonz decrees—you can check out this next video from the boys in Thief At Heart. Filmed in Mississippi Records' lovely new location, it pays tribute to record shopping, records, rock, and...um....records. 

On a completely different tip, we catch up now with Pulse Emitter, Daryl Groetch's one-man synth noise project. This video for the song "Nebula" was filmed in Groetch's home studio live, and according to the description on YouTube, features no post-production and uses an LZX Visionary modular video synthesis system, which renders the picture in lovely shades of trippy. 

Let's leave you on a bouncy note brought to life by the hands of Paul Dickow, otherwise known as Strategy. This video was filmed yesterday at his outdoor performance in front of Beacon Sound in NE Portland, and finds Dickow in full on deep house mode, and visibly loving the hell out of making music. Can't wait to see what he pulls out this weekend for his PDX Pop Now! set.