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Sam Adams' 10 Best Tweets of the E. Coli Scare

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In last Wednesday's cover story on Mayor Sam Adams' finest moments, Corey Pein pointed out that the mayor's copious use of Twitter allows him to keep connected to the day-to-day concerns of constituents. 

Adams put those Twitter skills to work this weekend in the face of catastrophe. Or maybe inconvenience. Anyway, Adams faced a boil-water notice after a Washington Park reservoir tested positive for E. coli.

On Saturday, Adams was tweeting about gun control when word came in from the water bureau: Something had probably pooped in the reservoir again, and the West Side needed to boil its drinking water.

To the Twittercave!

Using the hashtag #boilwaterpdx, Adams responded to people's questions, fears and jokes for more than 20 hours until the crisis passed. Here are Adams' 10 best Tweets from the emergency. 

1:33 pm:

Adams: "ALERT RT @portlandwater Boil Water Notice Issued for Portland Water Customers West of Willamette River"

2:26 pm:

Q: "Should those of us on the East side of the river be boiling our water just to be safe?"

Adams: "No. Eastside water ok."

2:30 pm:

Q: "Should westside bubblers be disabled?"

Adams: "Being turned off. Do not drink from westside drinking fountains."

2:34 pm: 

Q: "what about washing your hands??Showers??"

Adams: "Health Officer here says, 'yes,' but avoid getting in your mouth."

3:39 pm: 

Q: "pets (stronger immune systems, shots for water born illness)?"

Adams: "Health Officer says healthy pets 'ok' to drink water unboiled."

3:41 pm:

Q: "So let me understand this, when you say eastside is ok do you mean eastside is ok? Or do u mean eastside is ok?"

Adams: "eastside is ok"

4:21 pm:

Adams: "FYI: photo inside Westside Emergency Operations Center. We only took ownership of it last Wednesday."

Westside Emergency Operations Center
(Worth noting: The television in the Emergency Operations Center is tuned to golf.)

7:41 pm:

Q: "do I live over by 205 mall safe???"

Adams: "Yes, safe"

7:42 pm:

Q: "How long will it take to refill reservoir 3? Is it filled by rain? A stream?"

Adams: "@portlandwater ?" (For those of you not up on your Twitter protocol, this means he forwarded the question to the water bureau.)

10:35 am Sunday:

Q: "find a way to keep birds from crapping in w. side water. Suggest: bird pampers giveaway or signs pointing east."

Adams: :)

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