In spite of what the song title will have you believe, there's little that is serene about this track. Taken from the latest album by synth/bass clarinet duo Golden Retriever Occupies with the Unspoken (out this month on Thrill Jockey), the song is a honking, wobbly piece that revels in the interplay between Matt Carlson's siren-like tones and fluttering bits of melody and Jonathan Sielaff's processed clarinet lines that wander through the whole thing with either furious barks or long blasts of echoing notes. 

You half expect a 4/4 drum machine beat or a jazzy bassline to interrupt the proceedings and set everything in some kind of recognizable order. Instead, things stay shattered and you are left trying to hold it all together. Your only hope is to let the pieces fall where they may then stand back and enjoy the patterns they fall into.