WW's own Arts and Culture Editor Martin Cizmar (pictured) briefly became an internet celebrity last week, when an image he posted on his personal Facebook page went viral after getting noticed by a writer at his former paper, the Phoenix New Times.

On Thursday, July 19, Martin, a former Eagle Scout in his home town of Tallmadge, Ohio, returned his Eagle Scout badge to the Boy Scouts of America, after the organization's decision to uphold its ban on homosexuals. 

In a letter accompanying the badge, he told the Scouting leadership: "I don't want to be an Eagle Scout if a young man who is gay can't be one, too." He posted a photo of the letter (below) on his Facebook page, which spread through social media, eventually making it to the front page of Reddit, and drawing attention around the country

The news encouraged other former scouts to follow suit, and all week, the 'webs have been full of similar photos of medals and letters being returned.