Cameron Whitten won't die for a homeless camp.

The 21-year-old activist announced this morning that tomorrow he will end his 55-day hunger strike on the sidewalk outside City Hall. 

Whitten has been demanding the city craft a tax levy to help with homeless services, and that it stop fining Right 2 Dream 2, an non-permitted camp in Chinatown.

Whitten is not going to get a hamburger, though—or leaving the sidewalk. Instead, he says in a statement he will return to a liquid diet including shakes juice and broth, a step up from the water and vitamins he's taking now.

He might not get any of his demands, either. (Though he was given a guest editorial in The Oregonian yesterday.) Mayor Sam Adams has offered support, as have mayoral candidates Charlie Hales and Jefferson Smith, but they haven't conceded they'll do what Whitten wants.

Camped on the sidewalk for nearly two months, the former Occupy Portland candidate for mayor has attracted a gathering of several dozen other campers.