By now, I hope you've had a chance to read our short profile on the incredible experimental duo Golden Retriever in this week's edition of the paper. And I hope you've already made plans to go see the band's performance tonight at Holocene. Should you still need convincing about the beauty and majesty of the group's synth/bass clarinet compositions, let this video—premiering today here on Local Cut—for "Canopy" wash over you.

The clip, directed by Jeff Guay, reminded me of Tarkovsky's The Mirror as it cuts between a young man ruminating over some real or imagined loss and long, lingering shots of clouds or water washing up on a riverbank. It's deliriously beautiful stuff, especially when complemented by one of the more serene songs from the band's latest album Occupied with the Unspoken, a song that uses high-pitched waves of synth and processed vocals and clear, jazzy clarinet lines to enrapturing effect.