Well, it's that time again. Summer has slid inexorably from pleasant to slightly sticky in its heat, half the people you know are on vacation somewhere that the other half can't afford, and Willamette Week is issuing its annual Finder guide to Portland.

We like to think of it as a terribly pleasant time of year.

Finder is a city guide geared not just toward tourists or newcomers but to the people who already live here. It's a compendium of Portland's food, drink, stuff, bikes, books, art and pretty much every damn everything we thought you'd like to know about in town—with attention especially to our favorite nooks and crannies you may not yet have discovered.

This year, we've focused especially on this town's artisans and chefs and builders, the makers of good things and the good things they make. You know: the sort of thing that has The New York Times tickling us behind our collective ear all the time.

Anyway, you can find Finder at these fine places throughout Portland, for the generous price of free, throughout the month of August 2012.

After that, you and everybody else will have to pay real American dollars for it, so we suggest you act fast to pick up a copy.

Thanks, and hope you enjoy it.