Former University of Oregon track star Ashton Eaton won gold in the Olympic decathlon yesterday, taking the coveted title of "World's Greatest Athlete." Maybe you heard.

There is little we can add to the praise being heaped upon this prodigious Duck. But let's see if we can't take some shine off the moment with a little trademark WW negativity, eh?

Because earlier this week, time-waster website Bleacher Report released its list of the "100 Worst Athletes in Sports History." And two of them are former Portland Trail Blazers. One was almost elected Oregon governor.

That's right: Chris Dudley, that free-throw-missing Republican politico (who we will always remember fondly for throwing a 2010 gubernatorial victory party that served only crackers and water) is number 99.

(There's also a 60th-place spot for Ha Seung-Jin, the first Korean NBA player. He tried hard and we honestly think his inclusion is kind of mean-spirited.)

The point being, Oregon can take double pride today. We have the best athlete. We have the worst athlete. We have all the athletes. When Phil Knight sees somebody exceptional, he grabs him and doesn't let go.