The weekend political chat has been all about Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin Congressman chosen by Mitt Romney as his running mate. The early punditry claims that the addition of the tea partyish Ryan to the GOP ticket will energize "the base," but also scare Democrats enough to activate them as well.

Paul Ryan's specialty is taxes—he is the chair of the House Budget Committee. While he is to the right of Romney on many issues, taxes are not an extreme example. He wants to reduce the top income rate and eliminate taxes on capital gains, interest and dividends, but if you want radical, you have to look to Gary Johnson, the libertarian candidate for President, who wants to abolish the federal income tax, a device that was put in place by the Revenue Act of 1913. This story suggests that the choice of Ryan will actually help Johnson, who served as Governor of New Mexico for eight years. And here's a clip of Johnson(who came by WW last week) on the issue of his tax plan.