PDX's Music Hack Day will open up APIs from Spotify (music streaming), Rumblefish (soundtrack creation), MapQuest (location) and Twilio (voice and messaging) for those of you with hacker tendencies to play with. Plus, of course, any other APIs and data that's already out there—why not mash it up with the City of Portland's extensive open data sets? No joke, if someone builds an app that makes my phone play the Law & Order theme (or even just "chung-chung") every time I walk past a recent crime scene, I will send you a bunch of MFNW swag. 

The Hack Day will take place on Saturday September 8 at Puppet Labs (411 NW Park Ave., suite #500), kicking off at 1 pm.  

PDX programmer Rick Turoczy has more details at his Silicon Florist blog.

Also: The full schedule for PDX is finally out. Check it out on Lanyrd