For my penultimate column (I’m outta here next week) I wanted to throw a party, a little mutual masturbation session starring various Portland punk-affiliated people I’ve crossed paths with since starting Upper Extremities last summer.

So I wrote to some of my favorite folks in town and asked them to send me a few words about their favorite punk (or punk-ish) band in PDX. I do believe my fellow noise freaks chose wisely. Trust them. They know what they’re talking about.

And it should go without saying that I vouch for the various bands (and labels and venues) represented by my tastemaking recruits. I encourage you to investigate the bands (and labels and venues) trapped in parentheses below. Trust me. I know what I’m talking about. Sort of. Sometimes.

Mo Troper (Your Rival): Zoogirl
Stan Wright (Arctic Flowers/Buzz or Howl Studios): Bellicose Minds
Stevie Pohlman (Youthbitch): Therapists
Tom Elston (Mass Exit): Adelit@s
Llama Viva de la Rabia
Harrison Rapp (Divers): Social Graces
David Rose (Freedom Club/The Know): Sick Rats
Lizzie Flick (Pataha Hiss): Bi-Marks and Piss Test
Nate Allen (Destroy Nate Allen): Bill Skins Fifth Will Punch You Right in the Face
Nick Makanna (Industrial Park): Hausu
Ken Cheppaikode (Dirtnap Records/Green Noise): Mean Jeans