We can't believe we missed this: After dabbling as a graphic novelist earlier this year, Dandy Warhols frontman Courtney-Courtney Taylor-Taylor has a new side gig: winemaking. 

The Portland singer announced via the band's website last month that his new wine label, Chateau Taylor-Taylor, has released its first drop: "Bocca d’Avolo 2010," a blend of 90 percent Nero d'Avola and 10 percent Grillo grapes. 

This wine if you’ll remember is designed to bring the old world red wine experience to spicy foods. Something I’ve been hoping for years that someone else would do. I spent the last tour across the US trying to figure out what and why red wine tends to make spicy go blistering in RED wine. I ended up getting a lot of help, advice, and experience and finally came up with a blend of two fairly obscure Sicilian grapes that deliver an earth and mineral old world red with a vaguely bright opening bouquet. Do I sound like an asshole yet? Well I’m pretty serious about wine so believe me, this is beautiful in the order of older Borolo, Rioja and Bordeaux or even a little Barbaresco except bigger. You’ll shit. It’s awesome.
Seventy-five cases will be available, and you can pre-order your very own bottle of Portland viticultural history here for $22.98.