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President of Beers: #35

Samuel Adams Boston Lager, Boston, Massachusetts

We're drinking the flagship craft beer from every state in the Union, counting down from 50-1, to find which is home to the President of Beers.

#35: Samuel Adams Boston Lager, Boston, Massachusetts

State: Massachusetts where the Mayflower landed, tea was dumped, Redcoats were shot and Mitt Romney was governor.

Brewery: The mighty Boston Brewing Company, which is tied with Yuengling as the nation’s largest craft brewer. Founded by the guy from the commercial and some other guys in 1984, they led the national craft brewing revolution

Beer: Samuel Adams Boston Lager, which you have probably tried once or twice before.

Difficulty of Obtaining in Oregon: Easy. It’s everywhere. But if you want the best Sam Adams go someplace that has the special glass. (Do not make a glass that vaguely resembles the special Sam Adams glass or the company will sue you.)

Rating: 59.8

PHOTO: Cameron Browne
Samuel Adams, the firebrand American patriot, was never president. Actually, the highest office ever held by the Founding Father, was the now-ignoble governorship of Massachusetts. 

Adams was an agitator, not a leader. But he had a huge role in securing American independence. The vehemently anti-British Adams was a propagandist who stirred the pot before the Boston Tea Party and took a lead role at the Continental Congress and in drafting the Articles of Confederation. He sounded the call for freedom, even if he was ill-equipped to win the minor political disputes involved in leading the fledgling Republic.

Sam Adams, the beer, finds itself in a similar position in this election. As one of the first and most important American craft brewers, this now commonplace lager had an undeniable impact on how Americans drink. The fact that this stuff tastes so typical now is a testament to it's quality. It was good enough to imitate until we can't appreciate it anymore.

But when’s the last time you ordered a Sam Adams? People must drink still drink it, but I’ve never ordered one. Like its namesake, this beer is important and deserves our respect. But Massachusetts is not the place to find a President this year.


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