Remember that time Girl Talk played Pioneer Square at MusicfestNW? With all the toilet paper? Was that really only three weeks ago? Anyway. Somehow amongst all the festival madness, Rick Turoczy, the organizer of MFNW's Portland Digital eXperience conference, and Andy Baio, the organizer of the XOXO festival, got together with Girl Talk, aka Greg Gilles, after his show and recorded a video.

Turoczy already wrote a blog post over at Silicon Florist explaining how this came about and why it's interesting, so I'm just going to quote that:

Portland’s Andy Baio was in the final throes of organizing XOXO. Girl Talk was in Portland to play MusicFestNW. And I was busy running an event called PDXconf. Everyone was ridiculously busy. But see, here’s the thing. Andy had done a phenomenal deconstruction of Girl Talk’s Feed the Animals, crowdsourcing a list of each music sample and the length it was used. So having Andy chat with Gregg Gillis, the man behind Girl Talk, seemed like one of those random opportunities we couldn’t pass up.So, we gathered at Webtrends, who were kind enough to host on extremely short notice, to film a conversation between Andy and Gregg, after Gregg finished his set.
Here's the first part: