If you happen to find your way to Slabtown tonight for the record release party for Rabbits, at some point while the band is tearing through its set, I encourage you to close your eyes and envision the trio on a big stage, with the volume of their punk-infused metal raised up to the point that you can feel it rattling your fillings. 

Consider it a kind of mental preparation because, brothers and sisters, that day is coming. Doubt me if you must but this is a band that, with a gentle push in the right direction, could find itself in the position of Red Fang or Agalloch. In other words: HUGE. 

The trio certainly has the sound for it. Just listen to "Fight Right" here. Taken from the band's latest release, Bites Rites (released on the ever-impressive Seattle-based label Good To Die Records), it is the perfect showcase for how perfectly aligned the three musicians in the group are. Guitarists Josh Hughes and Seth Monfort provide a steady tension between bass-like riffs and sheer freakout (check out the hair singing solo that comes at about the 2:10 mark) while drummer Kevin Garrison does what he does best: bash on his kit with a palpable fury. For a song that just misses the three minute mark, it feels downright epic. 

You've been forewarned, rock fans. The world will soon catch on to what we've known for years here in our not-so-humble little burg and this could be one of the last times you get to see Rabbits in close quarters. Enjoy it while you can.