Despite occasional pipe dreams of Major League Baseball relocation, Portland will never be home to the Oakland Athletics. But Portland has written a song about the Oakland Athletics.

Scott McCaughey of I-5 corridor band the Minus 5 is the Rose City's Mr. October. Since 2008, he's been fiddling with a sideline band called the Baseball Project which, as the name indicates, writes acoustic numbers about baseball.

Today calls for a new composition: The A's improbably (that's the sportswriter's cliche for "I did not write a column predicting this") clinched the pennant last night by completing a three-game sweep of the Texas Rangers on the last night of the MLB season.

So hey, hey, Billy Beane, McCaughey wrote you a song. Some of the rhymes suggest undue speed, but it mercifully doesn't mention money or Brad Pitt.

This one goes out to our erstwhile colleague Chris Stamm, who really loves the A's.