Secretary of State Kate Brown's hands are getting fuller. The incumbent already faces a stiff challenge from well-funded GOP candidate Dr. Knute BuehlerSeth Woolley of the Pacific Green Party; and, Bob Wolfe of the Progressive Party.

Wolfe was the chief petitioner on a marijuana legalization initiative that failed to make the ballot earlier this year after Brown, the state's chief elections officer, invalidated an unusually high percentage of the signatures he submitted. Brown also levied a record $65,000 fine against Wolfe, which he is contesting.

As a result of his frustration with Brown, Wolfe entered the Secretary of State's race and today, he released a radio ad featuring Ralph Nader, the longtime consumer and good government activist. 

Kate Brown and her predecessor have played havoc with signatures and petitions to limit access to the ballot. They disrespect the voters, who are We The People.

I’m Ralph Nader, and I’ll call it like I see it: Kate Brown is suffocating your democratic process.

"Robert Wolfe broke state elections law," Schoene says. "Kate Brown did her job by holding him accountable and in retaliation, he is running against her. It is Ralph Nader that is disrespecting Oregon voters by participating in an attack that is simply not true."