Neil McFarlane
Amalgamated Transit Union #757
Jon Hunt
ATU's general counsel specifically informed TriMet's general counsel, Brian Playfair, that all of the Union's full time officers and most of its executive board officers would be attending the International convention this week in Florida. She requested that TriMet take no negative actions with regard to the Union members until we return next week.
So what happened? Surprise, surprise. One day into the convention and TriMet management directly contacts every bargaining unit member to inform them that TriMet will be freezing wages (in December, over 60 days from today) and charging for health insurance (in January, over 90 days from today). Putting aside whether these threats are legal (they are not) you should ask yourself why TriMet management had to take this action, in the absence of the Union officers, this week. The answer can only be management's crude attempt to incite anxiety in folks. Put even simpler--blatant and clumsy “game playing.”
As a courtesy to TriMet, the Union agreed to mediate with management over the unfair labor practice complaint. The mediation date is October 22, 2010. In the meantime, many of you have come forward with instances where TriMet management has and is wasting public money. That information is helpful to the Union in the collective bargaining process since TriMet is claiming it's broke.

The Union is therefore announcing that it will be establishing an internet website within the next two weeks. This website will be for the purpose of gathering and publishing information about TriMet management's wasteful practices. The website will provide you with the opportunity to provide information in confidence, without being identified. Further information about the website will be posted in the near future, so stay tuned . . .