Is YACHT still considered a Portland band? Although the art-pop group relocated to Los Angeles a few years ago, it'll probably always be thought of as honorary Stumptownians, so it's still appropriate to report on the group's activities. In a typical move for L.A. transplants, the band is developing a TV show (or web series—same diff). Amazon Studios, which is indeed connected to the online retail monolith, recently optioned the rights to Support, a comedy series written by YACHT members Jonah Bechtolt, Claire Evans, Jeffrey Brodsky and Rob Kieswetter about the touring life of a band perpetually in the opening slot.

Let's allow the band to explain for themselves:

"For the past three years, we've imagined our lives on the road as a TV show. In many ways, a tour is a perfect analogue to an episodic series: there's a central cast of characters, recurring locations, absurd scenarios, and new conflicts to resolve every day. There are just too many stranger-than-fiction moments that we've wanted to share, but haven't had the time or outlet to do so. We've been keeping notes of every ridiculous interaction and story in a shared document and we can't wait to unearth them all through the show."
Amazon says the band's script "is funny, has heart, and is about as authentic of a perspective as you can get on the music industry." You can be the judge of that when Support appears online next year. 

Meanwhile, YACHT is celebrating another milestone later this year: It's turning 10! To celebrate, the band is throwing a show, performing material from across its career and promising surprises, prizes and party favors for the the Echoplex in L.A.'s Echo Park. Damn, maybe they really have gone Hollywood.