Like most of Myke Bogan's music, "Get Lifted," off his debut mixtape, So Long South Dakota, seems relatively innocent at first listen. Its laid-back guitar strums and references to Mary Jane give it the sound of a well-made weed anthem.

And it is—sort of. But beneath the intoxication talk is a heavy tone of loneliness and contemplation. With lines like, "I'm hoping someone will just come with me," Myke is entering that zone of neediness and regret we all enter when we have too much to drink or smoke...or as Myke mentions, both.

This is territory Myke has become accustomed to. His past singles, like the smooth summer jam “Uncle Elroys Couch,” are built on warm nostalgia, but always have an undercurrent of reflection and heavy-heartedness. 

The kick-ass video for “Get Lifted” goes along with those pensive undertones, as it shows Myke burying himself in the middle of a forest. It also shows Myke taking a shovel full of dirt straight to the face, which makes it worth watching alone. That, my friends, is dedication to your art.  

DOWNLOAD: Get Myke Bogan's So Long South Dakota here.