Secretary of State Kate Brown won a decisive victory over GOP challenger Knute Buehler last week, 51 percent to 43 percent. But she's wasted no time in shaking up her staff.

Brown took a drubbing during the election from critics. Thirteen papers, including The Oregonian, WW, and the Eugene Register Guard endorsed Buehler, as much for what Brown failed to do or botched during her first term as for the potential Buehler, a first-time candidate, displayed.

Today, Barry Pack, Brown's deputy and a long-timer adviser, announced he'll leave the office on Friday, Nov. 15.

Pack writes in a staff email:

Last week, Kate and I met to discuss the next four years and agreed that now was the best time for me to pursue another opportunity that had presented itself. She agreed to let me go do work that would benefit the enterprise of state government. In December, I will start a new position in the office of the Chief Operating Officer, heading up the effort to improve and reform government operations across the enterprise. Starting December 1, Brian Shipley will be Deputy Secretary of State. Brian is a familiar face around the State Capitol. He has held a number of leadership staff positions within the Legislative Assembly, including serving as Kate's Chief of Staff when she was Senate Majority Leader. He subsequently served as Deputy Chief of Staff for Governor Kulongoski and then stayed on to serve as Legislative Director for Governor Kitzhaber's first session back in the building. Since then, he spent the last year-and-a-half as Director of External Affairs for Forest Capital Partners, one of the country's largest timberland investment managers, based in Portland. The company was recently acquired and Brian chose not to stay on with the new entity.