The injection of pure, uncut soul music into indie rock has been the one thing that has revived that genre's greying body of late. You can hear it in the gospel throwdowns of Magic Mouth, the African swing of Brainstorm, and now, the growling R&B attack of Thanks

This sextet is blessed with a vocalist that is more than up to the task. Named Jimi Hendrix on the band's Facebook page, this young lady has that solid growl that finds that scratchy middle ground twixt the worlds of Fiona Apple/Cat Power and Janelle Monae/Sharon Jones. She's abetted by a group that settles quickly into a bass-heavy groove, kicking at the underbrush with shoegazer guitar swells and some extra low end provided by the band's cellist. 

And that's just the beginning of Thanks' six-song debut Silver Scars Will Be Our Constellations,which the band is self-releasing this month. Others carry a little more '70s Stax-era fuzz and grit, and give away the influence of glassy '00s new wave-dipped rock. It's a tidy little package of musical moods, and holds plenty of hope for the future of this young outfit. 

SEE IT: Thanks plays Bunk Bar, 1028 SE Water Ave., with Pictorials, on Tuesday, Nov. 20. 9 pm. $3. 21kknd.