The Oregon Firearms Federation and similar groups from around the country today wrote to members of Congress asking members to keep their hands off Americans' guns and gun rights.

Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF), the state’s only “no compromise” gun lobby joined two dozen other gun rights advocate groups across the country today in sending an important letter* to the members of Congress urging them to protect the 2nd Amendment.

"Stripping away a God-given, Constitutionally protected right as a reaction to the crimes of madmen is a ridiculous way to make national policy,” said OFF Executive Director Kevin Starrett. “Concentrating all power in the state was the central them behind every murderous regime in history. It must not be allowed to happen here.”

"Members of Congress who support gun owners by opposing all gun control will, in turn, benefit from support by Coalition organizations. Members of Congress who support gun control by any means, procedural or substantive, will be targeted for defeat by Coalition members. They will be subject to picketing, leaflet drops at events in their districts, phone and mail campaigns, and political action committee opposition. NRA ratings and endorsements will have no impact on Coalition actions."