As of this posting, 757 Facebook users plan on attending. 

The event page describes the protest as a march against any new gun control legislation. 

“This is our chance to reach out to our elected officials, and tell them NO NEW GUN LAWS!” 

Tom Tharp—one of the event organizers on the Oregon page—posted a flyer to the event’s page stating the rally would be a family friendly event and welcomed protesters carrying open and concealed weapons. The flyer also lists local businesses like Casey’s Cafe and Browne’s Town Lounge supporting the protest and welcoming demonstrator’s patronage.

Mike Adams of Adam’s Rib Smokehouse in Salem is even offering 10 percent off meals for anyone who carries a gun into his restaurant

“I’m right by the capital. I’m a supporter of the Second Amendment and [demonstrators] wanted a restaurant that would stand up with them,” said Adams, who added, “I’m a businessman, I do promotions of all different kinds all the time.”