I haven't been to Florida, but I've seen documentaries. And thanks to the International Cat Show, I may never need to go. The strange people watching Sunday outpaced the rare cat viewing.

Cats may be so very hipster right now, but it was the very few and the not-so-proud who actually went all the way to the Holiday Inn by the airport this weekend and shelled out $7 in the name of irony.

No, these were mostly just cat people.

I have five cat shirts (and one cat). Judge which category I fall into as you will.

So who was there?

Well, right by the door we met a woman spinning cat hair into yarn on a loom (photo above), her bare feet pumping up and down to power the machine. The cat hair, she said, comes from a friend's live cat (unlike the far sadder tale of kitty dissection happening in McMinnville).

Next, was Stewie, who according to his owner's T-shirt and overly proud smile, is the longest cat in the world. This 48-inch meow monster was leashed—and much like in Soviet Russia, you do not walk the cat, the cat walks you.

There was a small contingency of the Mr. Bigglesworth-esque hairless cats. I am too scared to touch them.

Also, these fancy and expensive Bengal cats.

Finally, just as I imagine it is in Florida, the amount of cheetah print was enough to make a Kardashian cringe. But remember.