Two campaigns that spent big money last year remain deeply in the red, according to state filings.

Portland mayoral candidate Eileen Brady finished third in the May primary, despite spending a record $1.4 million. Her campaign still owes $343,000, all in loans she made to her campaign.

The other campaign carrying a big IOU, the Libraries Yes! committee, has a tougher task ahead. That committee went all-in to convince voters to create a permanent tasking district for the Multnomah County Library, spending a whopping $1.49 million against no organized opposition. The good news for library backers is they won by a wide 63 percent to 37 percent margin.

The bad news? The committee still owes local investor William Swindells $300,000.

"We are going to raise that money," says Brian R. Wilson, one of the directors of the Libraries Yes! committee. "We have a financial plan to do it."