Bim Ditson goes to more shows than you. Don't feel bad: He goes to more shows than just about anyone. And sometimes, he takes pictures with his cell phone. In this new column, we're letting Bim—whom you might know as the drummer for garage-pop misfits And And And—show you where he's been and who he's seen this week, and tell you where to go and who to see in the week ahead. You should take his advice. After all, he goes to more shows than you.

Note: Bim's been in San Diego recording all week, so—for once—he didn't go to any Portland shows. He does, however, have a full slate for next week.

2/9 @ Holocene: Onuinu, Phone Call, Dutty Wilderness

There's nothing wrong with Onuinu—unless you're a prude, pronouncing it as "oh-new-e-new"—and their cleverly awkward name explains On-U-In-U's sound-architect Dorian Duvall well. He owns an intriguing charisma gap that deepens within his genre. I can't wait to continue watching this ambient disco-reinterpretation mature even higher than it already has.

2/10 @ Slabtown (Sunday Sessions, All Ages): Lunch, Big Black Cloud, Tiger House, Tiny Knives, Fleshlawn, Ghost of Falco

Going to this show is both a matter of selfish enjoyment, and of what should be compulsory support of Portland's flagship show-guide. This is PC-PDX's annual benefit show and compilation tape release party. "So?" Here's why: If these benefits don't rip, good luck having any fucking clue what shows are happening outside of your one-genre circle of Facebook events. Furthermore! [Dad voice here.] Slabtown has taken it upon themselves to attempt real all ages shows, and I've heard enough tell of these back-room riot factories to become excited for this possible youth ripper option. Plus this show is early, so afterward, on your way to Rontoms for Souvenir Driver with Paper Brain, you can listen to the comp you bought.

2/11 @ Langano Lounge: Grapefruit, Shannon Rose Steele, Hawai'i, a "secret headliner"

Langano Lounge is a product of the Portland that I love most: A janky Ethiopian restaurant with an afterthought of a bar beneath, where free shows can be found on the reg. If you have a bad time at a Langano show, that's on you. Now the only question is, who's the "secret" headliner? Given that the bands playing contain members of Sun Angle, Typhoon, and Ghosties, however it gets scrambled, this show's a good egg.

2/12 @ Bunk Bar: Ninja Turtle Ninja Tiger, Adventure Galley

It's not Cherry Poppin' Daddies at Crystal Ballroom, and that's good enough for me. Annoying, sexually charged dad-jokes aside, this'll be a party. So put your dancing pants and scooting shoes on, and snap off a piece of the fun for yourself.

2/13 @ Mississippi Studios: UUVVWWZ, What Made Milwaukee Famous, Aina Haina

I know I've listened to UUVVWWZ at some point. I think it was dirty-art done good; sounded like it leaned on a girl being cute. After listening to UUVVWWZ again, What Made Milwaukee Famous and Aina Haina, I'm doubting what each bands' recordings can speak for—if they are representative of what happens live, then this show is gonna have some tough band transitions—but stranger things have been more dangerous to go check out IRL.

2/14 @ Tonic Lounge: OCTA#GRAPE, Karl & The Jerks, Sad Horse

Whatever stigma you've got in your side about Tonic, cut that shit out. They've got a new sound system, the rad as radical Tony Prato booking, and a future that I can't wait for—I've always enjoyed shows there, with one caveat: I've had to enjoy them alone. Let's talk OCTA#GRAPE: If there were more bands like them in San Diego (their home) I'd move. These are dudes who have been around blocks that don't even exist anymore. Live, it gets brought hard enough that it would be cheesy—ripping guitar over the shoulder, tromping past balance—if it weren't one the most fun rock'n'roll live sets around.

2/15 @ Bunk Bar: Hustle & Drone, Old Age

It has become clear to me that Hustle & Drone fully intends to become one of Portland's pop music ambassadors. Damn nice since they've got piles of the stuff it takes to do so. I remember seeing their first show, last summer in the living room of PALS Clubhouse, and it sounded better than most bands ever do. I've already talked about how much I love Old Age, and Bunk Bar. You can miss this show, you cannot take that back.