The day after officers leaked the news to The Oregonian that the man killed by police outside Portland Adventist Medical Center wasn't armed, Portland police command instituted a media lockdown.

Officers were told at Wednesday roll call that they cannot talk to reporters without approval, one officer tells WW.

Portland Police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson says he can't confirm whether officers were told not to talk to the press, as he does not attend roll call.

Merle Mikal Hatch, 50, was killed by officers Sunday night. Police released additional information last night, including an MP3 of the 911 call and a video shot by a passerby.

Hatch—a career criminal who was listed as a federal prison escapee—goaded officers as he ran toward them, brandishing a black plastic phone receiver that police say he modified to appear more like a gun.

In the video, Hatch can be heard yelling "ONE," "TWO," "THREE" as he ran toward the officers, who shouted for him to stop and put his hands up. Officers' shots erupted shortly after the third count.

Police also alleged last night that Hatch robbed an Albina Community Bank on Sandy Boulevard on Feb. 13, in addition to the robbery he allegedly committed in Clackamas two days before he was killed.

Simpson told WW Wednesday evening that Hatch may have committed suicide by cop "was a definite consideration."