Forget the singles bar: Oregonians apparently do their date shopping on the bus.

Psychology Today posted a slide show of the 100 most recent Craigslist missed connections in each state, and found that Oregon and Washington are the only two states where people make goo-goo eyes on the (hopefully not gum-covered) seats of public buses.

The survey also found that the vast majority of missed connections are men for women, although the Pacific Northwest held the title for the highest national average of women seeking men (25 percent) and women seeking women (5 percent).

Some of the results make states look like cliches of themselves (we're looking at you, California, and your missed connections in 24 Hour Fitness—and you too, the entire South, with your Walmart rendezvous). But others, like most of Indiana's missed connections being "at home" and Rhode Islanders finding love in parking lots are just plain strange.