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WW: You were an aggregator before we knew that term. Now we have sites like the Huffington Post. How do you feel having been there before Ariana Huffington, before other aggregation sites?
Ariana Huffington got paid lots of money by AOL for Huffington Post, for an idea that the Utne Reader put forward earlier. When you look in the rear view mirror now, how do you feel about the money she got and where you are?
What’s your outlook for the future of newspapers and magazines?
Utne Reader
Mother Earth News
Can the Internet replace the traditional press?
Do you blog and tweet?
Why did you leave the Utne Reader?
You’re doing a lot of public speaking these days. Please provide me the Utne Reader-style condensed version.
Disclosure: WW reporter Nigel Jaquiss' three children have all attended Waldorf schools.