Nothing is as it appears in Clackamas County.

Hours after the West Linn Police Department sent out a press release warning the public to avoid a sick sea lion resting on rocks in Mary S. Young Park, the cops delivered an update explaining that the sea lion wasn't actually ailing.

"Sick Sea Lion Not Sick After All," says the headline, "Just Territorial."

Fortunately for the peevish pinniped, in Clackamas County, it's all about who you know.

The police statement explains:

An update to this story. According to Professor Debbie Duffield, Professor of Biology at Portland State University, the Sea Lion is not sick.  He is recovering from an injury however and it appears he is recovering well.  According to Professor Duffield this male sea lion is a large territorial bull, among the largest in our region, and is well known to the biologist who have tracked him and developed a fondness for him.  At this time he is not in danger and will eventually move on but on his own schedule.  The public is asked to continue to follow all of the advisories for marine mammals.

If this is connected to other events in Clackamas County today, we are not sure how.