The three-member Oregon State Bar trial panel tasked with deciding a major legal ethics case has pushed the date of its decision back to May 7. 

As WW reported last fall, Barnes Ellis and Lois Rosenbaum, two of the Northwest's leading securities lawyers, face conflict of interest charges for their representation of Flir Systems, Inc., and various Flir executives. The two worked together for decades at Stoel Rives, the city's largest law firm. Ellis subsequently retired from Stoel and is now general counsel for Mercy Corps.

The case is unusual in that it's rare for lawyers of such prominence to face charges in Oregon, and because the underlying issues are so complex.

Here's the request for an extension from John Langlset, a lawyer who is chairman of the trial panel:

The Chair of the Trial Panel in this disciplinary case requests an extension of time of sixty (60) days to file the original Opinion. The present due date for the Opinion is March 8,2013. The requested extension would be to May 7,2013.

The reason for the requested extension is the complexity of this case. The hearing took twelve days ending November 14,2012. The 3,088-page transcript was settled pursuant to my Order dated February 8, 2013. The Bar introduced 353 exhibits into evidence. The Accused introduced 139 exhibits.