Has there been a more hotly anticipated first album by a local band than this Danny Seim-produced debut by Sun Angle? Not for a good long while, I would argue. And for damn good reason too. This trio has been tearing it up on the live circuit for 18 months or more, finding its collective sound and building ample strength along the way. 

Trying to capture the manic energy of the band's live sets would be a challenge for anyone but Seim gives it a proper showcase on Diamond Junk (out May 7th, on New Moss). The density of this first track to be released from the album is dizzying, but also puts into stark relief what is often exhausting about listening to the band. As weighty as the groove is on this track—and the whole album for that matter—you almost wish the trio (especially drummer Papi Fimbres) would settle down just a little bit, and lock into a steady pace free of fills and frills for longer than five seconds. 

That just wouldn't be Sun Angle though. This is a group that wants to throw absolutely everything at the listener in heaping shovelfuls, and wants to take a dub rumble and give it a bright psychedelic swing and top it all off with Latin rhythms pitched up to scary leadfooted speeds. So, excuse me while I attempt to chip away at my preconceptions and biases, and simply enjoy the ride.