via OLCC liquor license applications:

The Portland area’s picking up another brewery soon, looks like. The folk at Lake Oswego’s Maher’s Irish Pub  have applied for a brewer’s license in Oregon City to start up a brewery called Feckin’ Ales, at 415 S. McLoughlin Blvd., nextdoor to the Highland Stillhouse—forming a new, mega-boozy Celtic corner along the Oregon City riverfront. According to co-owner Mark Maher, they’ll focus on “authentic Irish Reds with a Northwest twist.” That twist, in part, is a few more hops, but Maher said they’ll also be dredging up some old recipes from Ireland.

Lompoc Brewery is a bit closer to returning to Nob Hill, it looks like, after getting pushed out of the way by a bunch of condos. Perhaps because "The New New Old Lompoc" was too cumbersome, the brewers have applied for a license under the trade name “Lompoc Tavern” at 1620 NW 23rd Ave., pretty much right where they started.

The new Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant, at the old location of Mudai Ethopian at 801 NE Broadway, looks to be diversifying into an import business. Under the name Addis Importer, Brook Mengistu has applied to start a wholesaling business that includes wine and beer.

Chinese Delicacy (6411 SE 82nd Ave.) has changed hands, moving from Yuan Tang Chun to Wei Hua Tan. No word on whether those off-menu Korean items are departing with the ownership.

Every Albertson’s in the state is getting itself re-licensed for beer and wine sales, after the chain’s sale to a mega-faceless corporation charmingly called “Cerberus.” Why a financial management company wants to guard the gates to hell, we don't rightly know. But they're also selling beer.

The Newport Seafood Grill on 0425 SW Montgomery wants to sell alcohol to go.