Cyclists, city planners and composters, rejoice: Jack Bogdanski is hanging up his blogging spurs.

The Lewis & Clark Law School professor and blogger, whose antipathy to local government reached new heights this week when he sued the City of Portland over the arts tax, announced this afternoon he's quitting his "Bojack" blog to write a book on tax law.

"We've been offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work on a major writing project connected to our day job as a tax law expert, and that work will take up all of the time previously devoted to this blog," Bogdanski wrote. "The project will take at least a year to complete, at which time we'll assess whether an internet comeback is in order."

We salute him with the biography we ran last March, when he made the Elite Eight of our Mayoral Madness tournament (though only after accusing Packy the Elephant of campaigning with public money):

"Jack Bogdanski dislikes Eileen Brady, Jefferson Smith, Charlie Hales, streetcars, curbside recycling, Sam Adams, soccer, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Willamette Week, The Oregonian, The Portland Mercury, dogs that poop in places that he did not specifically mention they could poop, hipsters, hippies, hepcats, nukes, food carts, tax dodgers, anyone who ever shook the filthy hand of Neil Goldschmidt, conspiracies, silliness, LEED certification, nonsense, talking in class, protesters, fire boats, public toilets, bicycle races and tomfoolery. He enjoys Hawaii."